GLC is an environmentally conscious foundry that's committed to “green” practices, pollution control, and production gray iron castings with a two (2) week lead time.
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Commitment to the Environment

Committed to protecting the environment at 
    Great Lakes Castings

Great Lakes Castings' concern for the environment is more than just idle talk. As a proud member of our community, we're committed to environmental stewardship and eco–friendly castings production.

Advanced systems controlling and monitoring air emissions have been installed at our foundry. These systems, along with our commitment to minimizing the generation of solid waste through process improvements, demonstrate our focus on protecting the environment through sustainable production and technological advancement.

But we're not content simply looking at ways of reducing our waste by-products. In collaboration with the Resource Recovery Corporation of West Michigan (RRC), we are continuously evaluating and pursuing innovative, beneficial re-use opportunities for foundry residuals.

We take pride in being an environmentally responsible corporate citizen and doing our part to preserve the environment. At Great Lakes Castings, "green" production and environmental sustainability are paramount.

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