GLC is an environmentally conscious foundry that's committed to “green” practices, pollution control, and production gray iron castings with a two (2) week lead time.
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In this business, timing is everything. All too often, engineers, technicians, and managers grow dissatisfied with their current casting foundry's price, delivery, or quality. Problems with your casting foundry can cripple production and impact bottom lines, especially if you choose to gamble and outsource to an offshore foundry.

Unlike our competitors, Great Lakes Castings is committed to timing and quality. That's why we're focused on providing you with the shortest lead times possible. Your production orders are produced and shipped in 4 weeks or less. Our foundry process is designed to better serve our customers with the best gray iron castings, ferrous castings, and green sand castings.

With a streamlined process network and our technologically advanced production castings and molding equipment, we prove our commitment to providing our customers with the quickest turn-around times possible to meet their casting requirements and schedules.

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Innovative production processes. Efficient inventory management. Advanced technologies. Great Lakes Castings foundry delivers the iron castings you need, when you need them.

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At Great Lakes, our foundry process is committed to providing our customers with high quality gray iron, ferrous, and green sand castings. With a streamlined network and the latest castings production equipment, we deliver the castings you need in an industry leading two week lead time.
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