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Process Capabilities: Gray Iron Castings  

Thanks to our industry-leading technology and over half a century of experience in the foundry business, Great Lakes Castings offers complete iron castings process capabilities.

We use Hunter, Roberts Sinto, and Disa automatic green sand molding systems within our process, allowing us to provide other engineering services including shell core, cold box, heat–treat capabilities, and annealing.

Great Lakes Castings' process capabilities include:

70" Water walled cupola - 20 tons/hour
Wet Scrubber for Pollution Control
Conveyored Slagger
Horizontal Induction Holding Furnace - 40 ton capacity
7-1/2 Ton Inductotherm Visi-Pour
4,000 lb tundish back-up pouring system

2 Hunter HMP 10's - Automatic 14"x19" Complemented with Turntables
1 Hunter HMP 20 - Automatic 20"x24" Complemented with Turntable
1 FBO 20"x24" Roberts Sinto Complemented with Turntable
1 2013B Disamatic Molding Line with Dideon Rotary Shakeout
1 Disamatch Model 130-20"X24" complemented with Turntable

6 HS 16RA - Automatic Shell Core
3 CB 22SA - Vertically Parted Cold Box Process
2 HCB 22 - Horizontally Parted Cold Box Process
1 Hottinger 29"x27" - Horizontal Cold Box Core Machine
Luber Sand Mixer System
Gaylord Packed Tower Scrubber

1 Spectrolab M Sprectrometer
1 United Tensile Testing Machine
1 Portable Olympus Fiber Optic Borescope
1 Leco Surface Grinder
2 Buehler Polishing Stations
2 Wilson Brinell Hardness Tester
4 Data Cast Thermal Analysis Unit
Complete Metallographic Facilities
Full Sand Testing Lab to Verify Hartley Systems
1 Wheelabrator 27"x36" for In-Process Checks
1 Digital Microscope

1 Disa Blast 24 Cubic Foot
1 - 28 Cubic Foot Wheelabrator
2 - 34 Cubic Foot Wheelabrators
Various Size Pedestal Grinders
Boroscope Capabilities
1 Barrinder Autogrinder

Gating and Rigging
Pattern and Core Box Repairs

3 Holcroft Direct Fired Furnaces Equipped with Auto Belt Conveyors

SPC Personal Computer Network (Windows NT)
Allen Bradley Data Highway System

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