precision Casting


Looking to source moderate volume castings? We have five matchplate molding lines.

We utilize Hunter, Disa Match and Sinto molding lines.

Visi-pour system with inoculent addition on our 2013B molding line.jpg

Looking to source high-volume castings? We offer 2013B vertical molding.

castings - possible background photo 2.jpg

Ordering matchplate volumes or vertical Disamatic volumes? You still get our industry-leading 3-week lead time.

Casting being ground on one of our automated grinding machines.jpg

Our GLC Holland finishing facility utilizes Barrinder and Maus Automated Grinders, as well as AFS Trim Presses. These automated systems increase grinding productivity while providing greater consistency in flash and gate removal.

castings being annealed in one of our 3 annealing ovens.jpg

GLC utilizes multiple in-house belt type heat treat furnaces to anneal castings when maximum machinability is desired.