frequently asked questions


1.     What are your lead times?

 We adhere to 3 week lead times on raw casting production orders (P.O. receipt to ship date). GLC will consider shipping via a Kan Ban system for higher volume work that is shipped on a weekly basis.


2.     What Quality Certification do you adhere to?

We are certified IATF 16949:2016 in both our Ludington and Holland facilities.    

3.     What materials do you pour other than gray iron?

We pour gray iron castings from 0.5 to 50 Lbs. in classes 18 - 40. Our base iron is class 30. Pouring gray iron exclusively allows us greater scheduling flexibility and the ability to offer 3 week lead times (PO receipt to ship date).


4.     What are your typical order quantities? 

Typical production order quantities vary from approximately 100 pieces to thousands of pieces per production run.

5.     Do you offer value added services at Great Lakes Castings?

Yes, we can manage your turnkey casting order thru the entire process.  We perform annealing in-house while machining, painting and e-coating are offered using trusted outside contracted suppliers.  


6.     Do you have an in-house pattern shop?


Yes, we have two pattern shops one in Ludington, MI and one in Holland, MI. Our Ludington facility does traditional pattern shop work such as gating, rigging, and routine tooling maintenance. Our Holland facility has full CAD/CAM abilities and produces new tooling as well as doing required tooling maintenance.


7.     Do you utilize solidification modeling?

Yes, we utilize Finite Solutions Software for designing gating and analyzing flow and solidification. 


8.     Does Great Lakes Castings accept transfer/existing tooling?

Yes, in most cases we can adapt your tooling to fit our foundry needs. GLC has a wide array of molding machines including vertical 2013B Disa as well as horizontally parted Hunter, Disa Match Model 130 and Roberts Sinto molding lines.


9.     Does Great Lakes Castings offer prototyping services?

Yes, we offer engineering services and assistance for your prototyping needs. We can produce prototypes using 3D printed sand molds or cores. Or, we can produce prototypes the more traditional way by making one on pattern /core boxes to prove out new designs.


10.  Does Great Lakes Castings assist in casting conversion projects?

Yes, our engineering staff can work with your team to successfully develop a casting to fit your needs.